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Independence Day Celebration

Rayakan Hari Kemerdekaan Republik Indonesia di “Tanjung Pinang Street Food Market”! Manjakan diri Anda dengan makanan dan minuman lokal yang autentik dan tradisi lokal selama perayaan Hari Kemerdekaan dengan berbagai permainan khas local maupun permainan tradisi Indonesia lainnya.

Tanggal : 17 Agustus 2018
Lokasi : Tanjung Pinang Street Food Market di Chill Cove @ Treasure Bay Bintan

Celebrate Independence Day at Tanjung Pinang Street Food Market! Indulge yourself with sumptuous local foods and drinks, and immerse yourself into the local traditions during Independence Day with a variety of games. While enjoying the games, get a chance to win carnival games’ prizes!

Date of Event : 17 August 2018
Venue : Tanjung Pinang Street Food Market at Chill Cove @ Treasure Bay Bintan

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