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Treasure Bay Bintan. A Gem of Possibilities.

Treasure Bay is a 338-hectare waterfront resort city located on the Indonesian island of Bintan. The destination resort integrates wellness, leisure, cultural, residential and commercial real estate supported by infrastructure that adheres to international standards.

The 20-year master plan will be developed in three phases and will offer many first-in-Asia concepts to create new travel and leisure experiences for visitors, and amazing investment opportunities for investors.

Visitors can expect entertainment-centric experiences and purpose-built resorts catered to families and individuals. More than just a premier holiday destination, there are residential properties enhanced by integrated township development that also translate into promising capital appreciation.

Treasure Bay Bintan focuses on three strategic imperatives: building the iconic to unveil the latent potential of Bintan, Indonesia; offering wellness as a key pillar; and introducing innovative tourism products; integrating leisure, entertainment, nightlife and health and wellness experiences, retail and resorts.

The master-planning provides for numerous zones that are integrated by lagoons, waterways and promenades. Each zone has its individual appeal and identity, to cater to an international array of visitors.


South-East Asia’ First Crystal Lagoons®

Treasure Bay Bintan’s Crystal Lagoon is South-East Asia’s first man-made seawater lagoon at 6.3 hectares. Here, you will find an extensive range of recreational and sporting activities suitable for all ages from dawn till dusk. The lagoon’s specially filtered seawater is delicate on the skin and provide perfect water conditions all year round. Future development surrounding the lagoon promises a vibrant and exciting host of dining, spa, retail, entertainment and night-life options catering to all your holiday needs and desires.

Fast Facts and figures about Crystal Lagoon in Treasure Bay Bintan

  • 1st in South-East Asia
  • 6.3 hectares or 115,060,000 liters of water capacity
  • 800 meters from one end to another (surface area is equivalent to 50 Olympic-size swimming pools)
  • 2.5 meters deep, with gradual slope
  • Eco-friendly technology, uses approximately 100 times less chemical products then conventional swimming pools
  • Energy efficient, consumes only 2% of the energy needed by conventional filtration pools
  • Crystals Lagoons®’ innovative technology is sustainable and safe for the environment, allowing limited resources such as energy and water to be used efficiently. The lagoons operate in a closed circuit that only needs to compensate for water loss caused by evaporation


About Crystal Lagoons®

Crystal Lagoons® is an international company that has developed and patented a state-of-the-art technology which allows building and maintaining crystal clear lagoons worldwide, offering idyllic beach lifestyle anywhere in the world.

Leaders in innovation and technology, focused on improving lives of people by solving some of the world’s biggest problems such as water scarcity, energy, contamination, and lack of open public spaces. Crystal Lagoons® was founded in 2007. The lagoons’ impressive turquoise waters have revolutionized the real-estate market and have become the World’s Top Amenity, improving people’s quality of life and offering incredibly beautiful views.


Integrating Holistic Wellness in Our Way of Life


Chiva-Som Bintan

Chiva-Som is Asia’s first internationally acclaimed health resort offering extensive fitness, spa and holistic health facilities designed to balance as well as revitalise the mind, body and spirit.

Known as the ‘Haven of Life’, Chiva-Som is about learning to live, enjoy and appreciate every moment, and in so doing, creating a personal path to health and wellness. Chiva-Som’s holistic approach to wellness incorporates the mind, body and spirit, providing a basis for lifelong health through personal programmes that combine rejuvenating treatments, focused nutrition and up-to-date knowledge.

Chiva-Som Bintan will be the first extension of Thailand’s Chiva-Som, extending Chiva-Som’s unsurpassed hospitality and its coveted personalised programmes based on its 6 Wellness Modalities – Spa, Fitness, Physiotherapy, Holistic Health, Nutrition and Aesthetic Beauty. All Chiva-Som programmes are customised for individual’s lifestyle improvement through the integration of naturopathic and conventional medicines.


Organic Farm

Bintan is an idyllic location for organic farming. Located in a heaven of sunshine all year round, natural down flow stream from higher undeveloped forest land and free of industrial development - all of which naturally comply with Organic farming compliance.

As part of the mission to integrate wellness along with operating in a sound, sustainable way, organic farming has been allocated in the near future. Here, visitors will learn and participate in organic farming and also enjoy “farm to table” dining options that will be available for consumption in Treasure Bay’s living community. It will also provide a healthier eating option to guests and residents in Treasure Bay as it develops in phases.

Local herbs native to the tropical rainforest of Indonesia, which is hub of biodiversity or hundreds of species and tress will also be available for sale here with the aim of providing of opportunities for the local community.

Local herbs that are native to the tropical rainforest of Indonesia, which is hub of biodiversity or hundreds of species and tress will also be available for sale with the aim of providing job opportunities and business for the local community.


Preserving Nature and Treasures

The Board of Directors of Landmarks Berhad has always been mindful in embedding the values of sustainability and corporate responsibility in ensuring that its businesses are operated in a sound, sustainable way. Hence, environmental protection is an intrinsic part in the Group’s projects in Bintan.

Upholding sustainability in every aspect of its development, the Group has developed four pillars of sustainability within the context of its core values to drive its activities:

  1. Reducing carbon foot-print;
  2. Restoration and conservation of the environment;
  3. Recognising and engaging the community; and
  4. Responsible employer

In 2012, the group has also initiated a mangrove rehabilitation project as one of its key activities in Bintan Island, where our development, Treasure Bay Bintan, has commenced. Supported by the local community groups, the mangrove replanting project covers 23 hectares of land in Sungei Kecil, Desa Sebong Lagoi and Kecematan Teluk Sebung located North-West of Bintan, 21 kilometres by road from Treasure Bay. The initiative aims to restore and rehabilitate degraded mangrove areas in order to restore ecological benefits such as improve shoreline stabilisation, reduce erosion, enhance coastal fisheries and also promote public awareness on the importance of mangrove ecosystems through direct community participation.

As part of its community outreach, the company has provided assistance for the disadvantaged and underprivileged children in the local community in Bintan by providing financial assistance for education, food, clothing and shelter to uplift their quality of life. Donations have and will continue to be made to schools and other charities for their fund-raising activities.